Sinderella Coach – Party Bus Business – Dallas, Texas

To assist with a business merger, Sinderella Coach needed to move their business model from one unit to multiple units.  Social media was a large part of the revised business plan, and highlighting the difference of this company over the competition.  New slogans and guerilla-like marketing techniques were used to make this one booking per week company–to 8 bookings per week.  “Bigger is always better” was one intended slogan to help promote the size of the product over the local market.  Lacy introduced video marketing to the product offerings which helped in a reduction of telephony based questions during high peak sales volume.


Jet-privateMultiple Aviation Businesses

Lacy has worked with many different companies in the Aviation industry, from aircraft maintenance companies to 135 Charter business.  Lacy has helped promote in the modern market place, bringing both fun and professionalism to a one elitist industry.  Networking with B2B brokers, acquiring sponsorships and co-ordinating events with private organizations and the United States Air Force.

FEMA Lacy worked closely with FEMA to assist in the procurement of essential products, although no marketing was involved this project was a large step in working with Government Organizations.