Growing up, advice was something that I was always so good at giving. Whether it was advice on how to study and get good grades, or how to talk to boys-I was it. I became a master of my craft at a fairly early age, but that hasn’t stopped my hunger to learn more and help more. After high school when I almost died, I thought that was it for me. When my father died, I knew that was it for me. I had a career lined up, a place to move out on my own, and friends who would help me reach my goals. It all ended there. My goals and dreams were pushed to the side, and I had to grow up. I stopped. When I finally got a job where I was working in a corporate office of a government subcontractor, I took that opportunity as a way to make a new path for myself. I listened and learned, turned a temporary part-time position into a permanent full-time position, and challenged myself to learn more. That’s it. That’s the way out.

After I moved to Las Vegas, it wasn’t easy finding work. For every job, there are twenty people applying. Finally, it all fell into place. I was working for an established company with additional growing businesses affiliated. If only I could prove my worth, I could grow within the company. It happened. I was promoted, but wasn’t taken seriously. My ideas were always pushed to the side, and only taken when someone else suggested them as well. It was only when I was brought on as a marketing specialist at a new and exciting team that I flourished. The group went from unknown to booked solid. Marketing videos, promotions, posters–everything that I suggested was finally taken seriously and worked! Now, I have the opportunity to share my group’s “know-how” with struggling businesses and those who need a little extra push.

What I offer….

Let me help you grow by offering my years of experience to your business. Do you need help reaching your target demographic? What about the ever changing world of online marketing? I can help. We offer everything from hand to hand marketing, business consulting and graphic design consults. In an ever-changing economy, you may think that hiring a marketing firm would be out of your reach, but I’m here to say it is not. Reaching that group of people you may have never thought to target will get you extra business, extra employees, and extra profit.

What we offer/Marketing

  • Creative ways to grow your business
  • Social media tutorials
  • Blog writing and structure
  • Graphic design consulting
    • Logos, website, marketing materials, etc.
  • Website redesign
    • Including layout, our 3-click method, content editing
  • SEO marketing
  • “Face to face” marketing
  • Convention booths
  • Growing list of promo models/brand ambassadors
  • Business consulting
    • Including budget cuts, ways to help turn a bigger profit, and teaching how to be a successful business

Public Relations

Is it hard for your company to control any information spread to the public? Our PR reps make it easy. Our promise is to gain and maintain the relationships between your company and the media, the public, and opinion leaders. Whether you’re a business, or an individual who needs a push in the right direction, we can help.