Over the past year I have experimented with all three major PPC networks. Whilst all generated traffic I found huge differences in quality of traffic.

Google Adwords – By the far the best system, their newer interface has come along since I first used Adwords.  Just about anyone could create ad groups and be online in under 30 minutes, its not the cheapest PPC network out there but thats only because of the demand behind it, the more people who want a keyword the higher the price.  Think of keyword pricing as the last cake in the deli and 20 people all raising their hand to buy that cake! The Geo targeting system appeared to work well, I tested by limiting traffic only from my local area and this stopped junk clicks from Russia and other click fraud countries.

Facebook – There is plenty online about using facebook marketing, I for one only recommend using the “boost for $” functions. Paying for new likes to your page appears to attract the same pattern. Newly created profiles with that profile liking 9 or more pages on that said day! very few “real” looking people.  However using the boost post does help push your item onto many more users walls.

Bing – I feel Bing has a long way to go before I would ever trust them again, Bing is cheap, very cheap (probably because no one is using it) I also found HUGE amounts of click fraud.  Bing too has a the geo targeting system but that didn’t stop the junk traffic from Eastern Europe.  I used a tiny budget of $50 per day and if i was lucky would see $20 of that used to generate 10 or 15 clicks.  So the keywords are not cheap and users simply fail to click ads.  Reporting the click fraud is an ongoing battle, Bing claim to want to help but just want to look “interested”.  Avoid!